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Latest Message: 4 days ago
  • Usama: ooookkkk :D
  • Ξv!L_tony: Yep, we will let you know as soon as we know more ;)
  • Usama: Offline? what LOL :(
  • Jola: Did Hank fix the servers last night? Gonna go buy some beer som im set for tonights L4D session ^^
  • Usama: mine steam validation rejected too but its fine on UK 8 COOP
  • uNNamed: Register on forum and i'll tell you how to fix it ;)
  • guest_6003: Hi! I can't join. It says "steam validation rejected". My game is nosteam.
  • Usama: ;) played for 3 hours and felling better then ever before (this is caz good team play and good friends) :)
  • Ξv!L_tony: Seems like you feel good enough to play L4D on the FR18 right now...
  • Usama: cant even get out of bed. taking medicine
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Need A Server?

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