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    Do you have plans for Halloween? Sure, sure you could go outside, get candy, dress up, go to parties, or other dangerous activities which will most likely lead to your demise, but we think buying your first copy of L4D2 or gifting it to a friend is the best and safest way to celebrate the holiday.

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  • SuperJoe: Congratz.Germany ! ;)
  • Jormu: Congrats Germany, deserved team won!
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  • SuperJoe: Germany vs Argentina !! Good luck :D
  • SuperJoe: You guys know the taekwondo championship 2014 that was occured at korea
  • Th3WarriorOn: BRA 0-5 GER in 29 mnt FRA 0-1 GER in 90 mnt AND:AlG 1-2 GER in 120 mnt If U know What i mean XD
  • Ξv!L_tony: Thanks to the German Football Association for this birthday present :D
  • guest_9439: yer brazilian cats oh no tony`s eating drakons cats wtf!!!!
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