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Latest Message: 6 days, 3 hours ago
  • HaaKou: Yeah!! Finally ...
  • Ξv!L_tony: Thanks a lot Hank :)
  • Hank: servers are back
  • Ξv!L_tony: FR server will be offline some days, further information you find in the news in our forum ;)
  • Raven: Touchy subject?
  • Ferno: "The good leaders accept the results, and a responsibility is vouche for them, but the results are not allowed to define them." - Henry Cloud
  • Ξv!L_tony: Btw., there are custom maps on the Apocalypse server!
  • Ξv!L_tony: Hey, there is a reason for my name ... but okay, I will just go to sourceban to shame ;)
  • Raven: Oh Tony, shame on you...
  • =H=Leon: I miss a lot of interesting things...
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