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Latest Message: 2 days, 11 hours ago
  • Drakon: Shes got it. Yeah, baby, shes got it
  • Ξv!L_tony: If you are banned on 1 -=HERO=- server, you are banned from all -=HERO=- servers
  • Usama Khan: Hello , am i banned on every server caz i cant join other servers
  • Usama khan: thanks for missing me I thought no one gonna miss me
  • Ξv!L_tony: Less than 3 weeks Usama ;)
  • Usama Khan: Happy Eid TO every one Have a nice day to all Muslims and non Muslims :) and I MISSSS YOU GUYSS SOOO MUCH
  • Ξv!L_tony: And who are you?
  • guest_4217: I miss you folks...! Happy Sacrifice Feast to ALL.. Take care.. mucx..
  • guest_4_G: You can join, using a different port. Just take a look, below this shout box, on the server list. GL.
  • guest_6379: ip server of apocalypse is same as fr18, i cant join apocalypse server
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Need A Server?

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