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Latest Message: 23 hours, 36 minutes ago
  • LOL: D
  • -___-: Usama
  • Usama: -___-
  • guest_666: Spooky scary!1!!1
  • guest_6013: i want these girls clean me too.. i am shitty..
  • guest_2682: Impressive. You girls actually cleaned the roster list, removing not active members
  • Usama: -__-
  • Ferno: everybody is allowed to finish this disgusting attitude, rather for a long time I know things , but this already the past ! good luck for everybody , I do not disturb more !
  • =H=Daywalker: Ferno i dont know you how i like and i dont like you how you want...Like Boo said grow up a little mate! not nice of you what you did here
  • Cillian: Ferno, stop acting childish, this decision was made by the group of admins and doesnt have any kind of private basis. Grow up.
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