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Latest Message: 1 day, 7 hours ago
  • guest_735: i can do better than this one.
  • guest_735: 2+2=? why does the machine test my mathematical ability?
  • SS: well,looks like you fixed the problem.i can connect now :) thanks
  • SS: i have version's the right version.right?
  • =H=Danny: SS, server is non steam are you sure you got the right version?
  • SS: thanks tony :)
  • Ξv!L_tony: I forwarded your question to Danny and maybe we can fix that for you ;)
  • SS: nope.i have nosteam version.never touched steam before
  • Ξv!L_tony: Are you using a steam version of L4D?
  • SS: i can't join hero versus server for unknown reason.does it require something?
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Need A Server?

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