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  • guest_2704: how typ msg
  • guest_2704: hey
  • =H=Danny: Never argue with an troll. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  • guest_8076: Who is Lion?
  • =H= Infi: means anything much for you what you've lost, comes anger and fury on in you. - if it means nothing for you, then you would not waste your time with it.
  • Suicide4Lion: If Lion wasn’t such a coward, he would finally kill himself.
  • Suicide4Lion: If Lion was a bit more mature, he would realize that everyone in here (especially Daywalker) got more life than him.
  • Suicide4Lion: If Lion was a bit more intelligent, he would have found out the age of Tony on his own.
  • guest_3578: Oh no Daywalker. Youg figured me out. What to do now. Buuhuuu. Lol you fucking moron. Get a life
  • =H=Daywalker: @guest_2007 It seems that your life is meaningless really sad and empty ..
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